We are the one and only Company in the world who provides the Gaming and Casino Industry with A to Z servies. Bespoke table layouts to manufacturing UV sealed secure chips, The best gaming cards from our patners Copag, Moedena & Bicycle are supplied only via T33 Gaming LTD. Bespoke Furniture, Seating, Bar Seating, Slots Chairs & Gaming Chairs are our specialised area.

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Blaze Roulette Gaming Table

Light up your casino gaming floor and bring the game of Roulette to life with Alfastreet Blaze LED Surface Technology for Roulette.

Blaze for Roulette takes Roulette tables to the next level, with an LED Lightbox beneath the gaming surface, which allows you to display eye-catching animations, game state prompts and winning numbers.


Designed to both entertain and inform customers during games, Blaze’s illuminated animations also assist with dealer accuracy by making it easier for dealers to remain focused on providing the best possible player experience. The highlighted winning numbers and light sequences on the betting area also confirm the stage of the game helping dealers and security staff to easily monitor game play.

Live Roulettle Solutions by T33 Gaming.

Terminals can be connected to 32 games at the same time by T33 Gaming Ltd , provided by Alfa Street

We can connect to live, auto and virtual. We can even connect to any existing live table on the casino floor. Connect up to 32 different games, bet multiple games at the same time, split screens, play tournament games, side bets, progressive jackpot systems

  • Fast, convenient and easy to play
  • The social aspect. Players are not playing against each other so they cheer and interact among themselves in a joint effort to beat “the house“
  • Single or double zero roulette
  • Different Jackpot options add to the player’s enjoyment
  • Multi-wheel and Multi Game options
  • Connecting to any player tracking / online system
  • Alfastreet Roulette wheels are certified for their accuracy and randomness, as well as proven for their reliability throughout years of operation

Big Boy's Private and ViP Seat

Enjoy your Gaming and betting from your personal private ViP space in style

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Flawless Ergonomic Stylish Auto Wheel

Many colour and design options to suit your needs best

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Handmade Italian Poker Table

Handmade, Large Italian leather, Hand stitched, Poker Table

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Handmade Poker Tables For ViP events

Handmade Poker Tables , For ViP events and Luxurious Casino floors

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ViP Roulettle Table

ViP Large Handmade, Italian Leather Bespoke Roulettle Table

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ViP Roulettle Multigame System Table

World's most exciting gaming Experience, Slick design, and electric feeling to sit around and make your bets

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